First Congregational ChurchOf Bellingham

An open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ – 10 am Sunday Service

We see our world made better through inspiring worship, strong community, spiritual growth and justice for all. As you explore this website and our church, we hope you will begin to see how these words go to work.

First Congregational Church of Bellingham, United Church of Christ

We know – it’s a mouthful.

You might know us simply as the striking, brick-and-blue building anchoring the corner of Cornwall and D, up the street from Assumption, a place you’ve been for a parenting class, a performance, a wedding or memorial. Or you might not know us at all — yet.

What we want you to know is this: our faith is 2000 years old. Our thinking is not. We are Congregationalists – independent in thought and governance, committed to love and justice for all, proud of our activist heritage. We are also part of the United Church of Christ, the modern incarnation of our 400-year-old denomination; a faith community where religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Your head and heart are both welcome in our places of worship. And, we are Bellingham, an extraordinary corner of the world where few claim religion but all concur – this is God’s country. We can think of no better place to try living as Jesus taught, no better time to start. Welcome to our spiritual home.