From the Pastors

  • Connection is one of the most significant pieces I’m missing in our church life these days. We don’t get to mingle in the social hall or bump into each other in the hallway after board meetings. Zoom events help a little, but often we do our business and log off (screen time is exhausting in its own ways).

  • One of the litanies I hear from many of you is the frustration you feel when you see folk not wearing masks in crowded space. It seems like such a simple thing to do for the wellbeing of our community, so it boils within us when we wonder if people can ever actually care for one another as Jesus taught.

  • What do you need?

    Are some of you finally finding a smoother groove in this time? Are some of you creating new routines that work? Or are you discovering that each time you think you are on track to a new “normal” (whatever that means), you once again feel upended, like one of Jesus’ parables?

  • What is 2020 going to bring in our life together as First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ? In 2019 there were expected and unexpected moments; there were planned joys, and there were challenges for which we couldn’t have prepared.