The Full Circle Blog

  • We will be working with Interfaith this year to provide gifts for families at Christmas AND we are developing a new partnership with the Roosevelt Community Church to bring families experiencing severe poverty the opportunity to purchase new toys for their children.

  • First Congregational Church has been invited, along with other churches, to provide meals for the approximately 35-40 people who will be living in the Tiny Homes just off Lakeway. The project is opening on October 18.

  • First Congregational Church was a founding partner in bringing the Family Promise program to Bellingham. Family Promise serves families experiencing homelessness by providing stable housing, case management, and four family-selected meal kits per week.

  • Our pantry drive was a success but some items are needed on a consistent basis. You can drop off of the items below on any Saturday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Industrial Credit Union on Northwest Avenue.

  • 2022 will mark Pastor Sharon’s seventh year with First Congregational Church and it is time for her Sabbath! Her sabbatical will last three months, starting after Easter 2022. This past spring, Pastor Sharon and a team of First Congregational Church members prepared a grant application in support of her upcoming sabbatical period.

  • “You can’t be Christian alone,” my college chaplain said. “The Church is the Body of Christ. To be a body, we need one another.” Although we sometimes catch ourselves thinking we can be spiritual and faithful on our own, when we pause a moment, we know that we need one another. In this time of pandemic, finding those connections has been challenging. Small groups offer an opportunity to connect with one another and to renew our faith, our hope, our joy.

  • Here's the first installment of a YouTube series in which Pastor Davi interviews  church folx (starting with young adults) about something they love, and then reflecting on it theologically.