Climate Justice

All of our posts about climate justice

  • Trustees, Mission and Justice Board, and Faith Formation Board support the action to install solar panels on the new roof over offices and rooms. We invite the congregation to purchase solar panels.

  • First Congregational Church had a Green Team from 2010 to 2013, headed by Rob Olason, but this group has not been meeting recently.  After our successful Climate Revival last November and as our congregation considers becoming a Creation Justice church, we are inviting members and friends of the church to join us in a revival of the green team.

  • A “Climate Revival” is coming to Bellingham on Saturday, November 5, as First Congregational Church of Bellingham, United Church of Christ (UCC), hosts a seminar focused on what is being done locally to address climate change and what actions communities can take.

  • The United Church of Christ is launching a national art contest for UCC children and youth to draw, color, or paint about climate hope, environmental justice, or protecting the Earth.