Broken for Beauty Auction

Broken for Beauty Auction Opens Sunday, November 29 at 1:00 pm.

Sneak preview on Friday, November 27.

The online auction address will be available soon! The proceeds from the auction will be shared by two agencies serving those with mental illness. Get your bids ready for Lyz Staman's very special art work! 

Artist Statement - Lyz Staman

My inspiration for these pieces is the art of social justice advocate, teacher, and printmaker Sister Corita Kent (1918-1986), As a 1960s teenager, I collected Sister Kent’s work from current magazines and even my Methodist Church Sunday bulletins. But my favorite piece was a quote by the Italian playwright Ugo Betti:

“To believe I God is to know that all the rules will be fair and that there will be wonderful surprises”

Each piece for the Broken for Beauty Auction was planned specifically to incorporate stylized lettering and a color block layout to emphasize the message. The Black Lives Matter movement this year inspired many of these messages. I was also influenced by our Sunday online worship these past eight months, while we have all isolated.