Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Hello, singers!


After a long, long hiatus we are finally planning to re-start regular Chancel Choir rehearsals and singing for Sunday morning worship. I am so thrilled at the thought of working with you all again, and for any new singers that might be joining us too!


Of course, a lot has changed over the last couple of years and I think that necessitates some changes for the choir as well. If you are interested in singing in the choir, please be in touch and I will fill you in on what’s in store for this year.


Also, if being a part of the choir doesn’t feel like the right thing for you, what sort of musical opportunities would you be interested in joining? We want our music program to be full of creativity and possibility, and we want you to find your place within First Congregational Church's music family!


If you are planning on being a choir member or want to discuss other musical opportunities, please reach out either via email at or leave me a message at 360.734.3720 ext.1103.


Your Minister of Music,

Lucy Bledig