Covenant Group Ministry

Covenant Groups

We welcome you in peace

May you enter this place knowing you are good and knowing you are loved

You may bring your light and your love and your messiness to this place

Use them to bless this gathering

Knowing that you are safe.

This is the opening ritual recited by those who gather in a covenant group. In the next couple of months you will have the opportunity to learn more and the invitation to become a member of a group!

In our visioning almost five years ago, and then named in the Forward Committee Report priorities with our four core values, under Community, is the goal of helping members and friends connect with a small group. We have been living into this goal inviting new members to join women’s circles, book club, knitting and quilting, men’s breakfast, family game night, rhythm circle and more, as well as educational opportunities to deepen and explore our faith.

I currently serve on the Adult Spiritual Task Force of our Pacific Northwest Conference. For the past two years our task force has been focusing on sharing the possibilities and benefits of the small group ministry of covenant groups with members and congregations of our sister churches throughout the conference.

Covenant groups provide an opportunity:

  • for new people to connect to the church and become integrated into the community
  • to provide an opportunity for better connection for current members and friends
  • to give participants a caring group
  • to be a ministry of listening, support and understanding of one an another
  • to foster spiritual growth
  • to provide a forum for deepening faith through the discussion and sharing of spiritual topics in a confidential and safe intimate setting.

"A covenant group is a small intentional community, within a larger community of faith in which people may find support, encouragement, and mutual accountability in their spiritual growth. Covenant groups provide a place where questions and doubts can be explored in an environment of acceptance and trust, and where experiences and insights can be shared in openness and confidentiality." adapted from Friends General Conference.

In the coming days I look forward to working with the boards of Membership and Adult Ministries
and all of you as we continue to seek sacred space and ways to connect and grow in our faith.
Blessings, Sharry