Creation Care Camp Thank Yous!

It’s a wrap! It was a great week at Creation Care camp! 24 kids participated, up from 16 last year! Thanks to the children who participated, to the parents and grandparents who brought them, and to the volunteers and staff who made it happen. We’ve heard the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and Creation Care camp showed that at First Congergational Church, it’s more than words. It’s what we do! This year’s team of adult leaders included: Sharon Benton, Buzz Durham, Pat Durham, David Fayram, Nancy Fayram, Carol Garguile, Katie Gillham, Jessica Good, Susan Huffman, Ted Huffman, Orion Lackey, Tammi Laninga, Olivia Malone, Matti Malone-Miller, Kathleen McGuinness, Scott McGuinness, Shannon McGuiness, Scout Mitchell, Joyce Moseley-Sweeney, Janet Ott, Jean Scribner, Emily Wagnitz, and Robin Willliams. Thanks everyone!


For more information, talk to any of the leaders listed above about their experience, examine the tree display in the narthex, look at the art in the sanctuary and on the bulletin board in the hall by the restrooms, or ask David Fayram to teach you “It’s a Nature Party at Creation Care Camp!"