Faith Action Network - Legistlative Successes!

Faith Action Network - Successes in the 2022 Legislative Session


FCCB is a member of the statewide, ecumenical Faith Action Network promoting social justice and race equity. FAN made a tangible difference for our neighbors across Washington in this legislative session. Successful legislation included:


  • Expanded free lunches and a multi-lingual, online application tool
  • Sustained and expanded safety net supports related to TANF, disability support, paid family and medical leave, emergency food programs,
  • Working family tax credit
  • Digital equity measures
  • Increasing postsecondary enrollment for all students
  • Support for more housing for low income people
  • Environmental action
  • Indigenous and immigrant rights
  • Safe communities, gun legislation, and expanded health care.


To learn more and to see what will be on FAN’s agenda for the 2023 legislative session, go to If you are interested in being more involved in the legislative work of FAN, watch for the spring meeting announcements or contact Sharon Camblin,