Family Promise Open House

Providing Materials for Family Promise Open House


Family Promise is hosting an Open House at the Learning Center, March 1st, inviting interested families to come visit the space, meet volunteers, and learn about the tutoring program in an informal setting. To optimize the opportunity for parents to ask questions and talk with volunteers (aka, keeping kids busy!), we are planning a welcome area with welcome baskets filled with kid-friendly activities they can enjoy during their visit and take home. The goal will be to have between five to ten baskets with one gift card, two-three snack foods (optional), and any number of activity kits/books for this upcoming Open House. Any contribution will be most welcome, especially handwritten notes of welcome, for the visiting families!


Activity Kits- Examples:


  1. Bulk Crayola Felt Fun Kits
  2. Bulk Surprise Blind Balls(TM)
  3. Bulk Licensed 3D Sticker Stories with 3D Glasses
  4. Bulk Deep Slotted Baskets with Handles
  5. Bulk Premium Colorful Solid and Print Gift Tissue
  6. Bulk Kappa Kids' Learning Activity Books
  7. Cards with handwritten welcome messages


Gift Cards (one per basket, $10 maximum)- Example:

  1. Dairy Queen


Snack Foods-Examples:

  1. Drink boxes, or pouches (example: Minute Maid Apple Juice Boxes)
  2. Real Snacks Original Beef Stick
  3. Annie Chun's® Organic Sesame Seaweed Snack
  4. Annie's™ Homegrown Organic Berry Patch Bunny Fruit Snacks
  5. Yum Earth Organic Favorites Fruit Snacks