Glee Club

“Sing out (sort of) Loud. Sing out (pretty) Strong” at First Congregational Church this Summer! Yes, Our Summer Glee Club starts Tuesday June 28, at 5:00 pm. It will meet  weekly for eight weeks, through August 16.


Our Church Council of  First Congregational Church has endorsed an opportunity to have a  Glee Club. Our  volunteer director will be Olivia Quigley. She  graduates  with an  MA in Speech and Language Pathology from Western  Washington University on June 11. She also  holds a BA in  vocal music. That’s a double endorsement for her to direct our Glee Club! This  will be an especially helpful  opportunity for those of us with older vocal cords but promises to be joyous and fun for all. You don't need to be able to read music to participate.


Since it’s summer, both regular attendees and drop-ins are welcome  to join us on  any or all Tuesdays.

Yes, we’ll be using masks - N95 and/or singing  masks, both are  are appropriate. Lucy, our Choir Director, has ordered  a number of singing masks. If you’d like to request one of those email or for ordering the masks.


If you have questions, you may  email Tena Hilton at or call (360) 306-3570. We are gleefully excited!