Ground Floor Update

A Message from Rowan Salton at The Ground Floor:

Hi, First Congregational Church! I hope you all are having a relaxing and lovely summer so far. We have some exciting updates to share with you about the Ground Floor.

As COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted we are finally able to start bringing activities and community events back to the Ground Floor. We are doing this through our new Life Skills Volunteer roles where community volunteers can apply to bring an activity to the youth at the Ground Floor.

So far, we’ve got skateboarding club (which takes place every Friday from 2:00-4:00 pm in the parking lot), music appreciation club on Mondays, songwriting workshop series, financial literacy office hours, and a monthly cooking class. The youth have loved these initiatives so much that a few have worked to create the Ground Floor Skillful Squad where young folks can lead activities for their peers to participate in. We have had a mask tie dyeing event and are planning regular game times in our community room. After working for the last year and half through the pandemic it feels so good to be together in community with substantially less fear of COVID – Thank you vaccines!

Take care, First Congregational Church.

Rowan, Ground Floor Manager

Clayton, Pre-housing Case Specialist

Kiran, Youth Advocate

Kimberly, Youth Advocate