Help With Afghan Resettlement

Our neighbors at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Afghan Resettlement Circle have been asked by the local World Relief agency to co-sponsor the settlement of an Afghan family of six. Family composition: mom, dad, and four children aged 7-21. They will arrive in Bellingham in about two or three weeks and we are looking for short term housing (4-8 weeks), and/or long-term housing. We need a temporary location where this family can live while they apply for Social Security that will allow them to sign a lease for longer term housing. Is anyone going on a longer trip and could share their home for a few weeks?  Or do you know of an available Accessory Dweling Unit (ADU)? Our team could pay rent if needed ($500). We have been advised that the adult children and father speak some English. We will have professionals doing the casework and lots of volunteers helping with transportation and language/literacy. If you have any contacts or leads, please contact Ann Stevenson right away at Thanks!