Justice Digest, January 14, 2021

Good Trouble – Protecting the Right to Vote


The UCC is taking a strong position on voting rights. “We know democracy can only truly thrive when everyone is able to participate—when each person’s sacred voice is honored. Only with that foundation can we engage in the essential work of building an equitable and inclusive society.”  We are urged to contact our legislators to pass the newly combined and renamed bill, the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act,l that is in the Senate. You can sign a national UCC petition at https://p2a.co/KmlN6jm.


Good Trouble -

State Legislative Climate Actions in Partnership with

Earth Ministriesand Multi-faith Network for Climate Justice.


Contact your state legislators to support:

  • Lorraine Loomis Act for Salmon Recovery (SB 5727 / HB 1838) —The Act requires properly functioning riparian management zones around rivers and streams, including healthy vegetation to maintain cool waters. Includes important financial assistance, monitoring, and accountability to address the urgency of the salmon crisis.
  • Letting public utilities fund targeted electrification (HB 1767) Bill clarifies that public utilities have the authority to provide financial help for customer electrification projects, and also helps support low-income customers transitioning from gas to clean, electric heating, enabling them to benefit from bill payment assistance programs.


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