Justice Digest September 1

Here's your one stop spot for the weekly news from our Mission & Justice Board, September 1, 2021 edition.

Continuing Support for the Birchwood Food Desert Fighters

We can continue to support the Birchwood Food Desert Fighters (BFDF) effort to feed and empower the Birchwood/Alderwood residents by individually dropping off items at the Share Spot at the parking lot of the Industrial Credit Union on NW any Saturday at 11:30. Many of us have gardens that are overflowing, or love baking breads and cookies, or canning jam, jelly and veggies all of which would be welcomed! Don’t forget to keep your BFDF postcard handy when you go shopping too. Stayed tuned for more Mission and Justice events that will support the BFDF.

Taking On All Virtual Challengers - September Family Promise Bed Race

Get a team together to participate in the Virtual Family Promise Bed Race! The Mission and Justice Board is taking on all challengers – we bet you can’t beat us in raising money to help local families and children get out of homelessness and into stable housing. Get info on virtual teams at https://www.interfaith-coalition.org/familypromisebedrace.  Let our co-captains, Kate Eifrig or Sharon Camblin know that you’ve taken our challenge.

The United Church of Christ Stand on Afghanistan

The national UCC officers have taken a stand that we must not turn our backs on Afghanistan. Read that statement at: https://www.ucc.org/ucc-officers-we-must-not-turn-on-our-back-on-afghanistan/.

The United Church of Christ Issues Support Appeal for Battered South

The UCC has launched a ‘Severe Storms 2021’ appeal to take donations for Hurricane Ida relief. Gifts can be made online using https://www.ucc.org/appeal-severe-storms-2021

“As damage reports and assessments continue to come in, may we pause to hold the people affected by Hurricane Ida in our prayers for their safety, health, and comfort,” said Josh Baird, Global H.O.P.E. team leader. “While the urge on our part to rush to offer help is normal given the destruction we are witnessing, unsolicited aid at this time often increases the burden on impacted communities. Material goods should only be sent when specifically requested by an organization and volunteers should never self-deploy.”

Our Justice Partners

Our Just Peace statement calls us to partner with religious and community groups who advocate for justice and peace. First Congregational Church is blessed to have partners that help us broaden our justice work throughout our local community, the region/state, and nationally. During the coming weeks, we are going to feature these partners and how they work with us to support our goals in economic, racial, and climate justice. Go to the blog at https://www.fccb.net/blog/interfaith-coalition-and-first-congregational-church/ to read more about how the Interfaith Coalition makes it possible for us to reach out to those experiencing homelessness.