Midweek Message December 6, 2023

There are so many things around First Congregational that seem to “just happen.” The wreath and candles magically appear in time for the first Sunday of Advent. Communion bread and juice are set out ready for all of us to partake. Trees get trimmed, birthday cards get sent, and so many other seemingly small details. Dozens of hidden elves make it all possible!
One of the pieces I’ve been amazed at over the years are the quilts that hung in the Social Hall. Every quarter, new pieces appeared, beautifying the space and dampening the acoustics.
Joan Roley is one of the elves that helped those quilts “appear.” She writes:
In 2004 [our Pastor] Donel [McClellan] asked me to do something to make the noise a little more bearable.  Draping them from the ceiling would be more effective but too much of a hassle to install.  Hanging them on the walls was our compromise and I always received a lot of feedback.  We once had an antique made of tobacco coupons that were popular in the 1880s (I think).  I also hung my great, great, grandmother's with the date of 1832 stitched in it.  There was one given to a former pastor's wife called a signature quilt.  We had a couple of Fair winners.  Probably 500 or so hung if you count four times a year for 20 years.  I had great people helping me and thank all those people who let us hang their treasures.
The Quilt Ministry folks shared this week that it has had its season and has now come to an end. I know we’re all so grateful for the gift of this lovely tradition, and I hope you will express appreciation for those who’ve helped make it happen, some of whom include Joan Roley, Bill Fox, Marijo Fox, Mike Kirk, Roger Shimer, and Dorothy Shimer. I’m sure there are others, so please add them!
If there’s a behind the scenes ministry you’d like to support in some way, please reach out and let me or another leader know. We understand that not everyone likes to be out front, and all gifts are so welcome! Thank you to each and every elf who makes our congregation’s ministries possible.