Midweek Message December 7, 2022

Pageantry and Mystery


Just yesterday staff were finalizing some details for this coming Sunday’s pageant. Ted shared which verse of “We Three Kings” he always got stuck singing, which prompted a memory of my older brother learning his verse of the song, including the line: “over us all to reign.” I vividly recall wondering why Jesus made it rain over everyone?


Misunderstanding of language and trying to make sense of something that doesn’t quite make sense feels like such a natural part of a Christmas pageant. Angels and dreams and a miracle birth in a strange town where a family beds down with cows must include some confusion. Sometimes it seems to me that children are much better at tapping into the requisite mystery and wonder of Jesus’ birth than many adults. We try, but we need some support!


The annual pageant in which we retell the story of Jesus’ coming and birth amidst the realities of our current context is always magical to me. The children and their guides aren’t just trying to be cute or putting on a show to make us feel good—they’re helping those of us who’ve become a little distanced from the story’s mystery remember that God is more wondrous than our imaginations can grasp.


Pageant rehearsal for all children (first-timers or long-timers) is this Saturday, December 10, at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary. Even if you can’t make it to rehearsal, there will be a part for you in worship on Sunday (please arrive by 9:30 am on Sunday to choose a costume and prepare).


I hope you’ll join us for this year’s pageant, no matter your age or your interpretations of the scripture stories. You never know how Emmanuel, God-with-Us, will show up for you or our community!


In childlike expectation,

Pastor Sharon