Midweek Message June 14, 2023

2023 Summer Worship Series: Faces of Our Faith


Judas, Adam & Eve, Jonah, Mary Magdalene—these are some of the more familiar faces in our faith heritage, and maybe your thoughts are set about them. But what if there are depths we haven’t explored in these characters? And when was the last time you considered Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego, or Joseph of Arimathea, or the daughters of Zelophehad? Ever?! There are so many ordinary people in our scriptures whose stories might have something to say to our lives.
The Sanctified Art Creative Team writes this: There are many heroes of the faith, people we admire and wish to be. However, there are even more ordinary people of faith—those doing what they can with what they have to make a difference. This summer, we’ll dig deep into the bold and untold stories of those often overlooked in our biblical narratives, hoping these characters remind us that we all play a role in shaping God’s story of redemption and grace…May they awaken us to the faces of our faith in our world today. May they encourage us to know that no action is ever too small to make a difference.
Alongside each of the biblical figures, we’ll hear current stories from our All-Church Read supplemental book,
Right Now! Real Kids Speaking Up for Change. These are stories of more ordinary people who are making a difference in our world in this very moment. These are faces I hope we all come to know a little better. And I pray we all may see our own faces in the story of God’s work in the world.