Midweek Message March 17, 2021

Today’s Midweek Message is in the form of two letters, one from our Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, & Mission, who has begun returning to work this week (hooray!), and one from our Lead Pastor, who shares updated information on several topics. Please take some time to stay in touch with what’s happening in your faith community. 

From Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, & Mission

From Pastor Sharon

Ministry Highlight - COVID-19 Update

We continue to live in exciting times as vaccinations shine a beacon of hope for us all. It's getting harder and harder to wait to do all those things we've been missing! As the situation is rapidly evolving, the COVID-19 Advisory Task Force and Church Council continue to work together to discern our path forward. We thank you for your patience as we look ahead and remind you that, at this time, there are no in-person church events. Let's continue to work together to keep each other safe. We'll keep you updated about any changes in our practices in the Friday Announcements or Midweek Message.