Midweek Message September 16, 2020

Sharry talks about Covenant Groups and other Faith Formation opportunities

Covenant Groups


"A covenant group is a small intentional community, within a larger community of faith in which people may find support, encouragement, and mutual accountability in their spiritual growth. Covenant groups provide a place where questions and doubts can be explored in an environment of acceptance and trust, and where experiences and insights can be shared in openness and confidentiality." ~ adapted from Friends General Conference.
In this time when we are not able to be together in person it is more important than ever to have opportunities to connect (virtually), get to know and support each other in community.
I am so grateful and excited to share that we are in our fourth year of offering the small group ministry of Covenant Groups. Many of you have participated in a group and shared with me how you have valued the experience. As we begin a new year, if you are yearning for a way to connect with others I invite you to prayerfully discern if you are called to join a group that works in your schedule, getting to know others in our faith community on a deeper level.
Covenant groups provide the opportunity to foster spiritual growth, be a ministry of listening, support and understanding of one an another, provide a forum for deepening faith through conversation and sharing of spiritual topics in a confidential and safe setting. Groups will covenant to meet virtually on zoom once a month beginning in October through May. Our theme for the year will be The Art of Recognizing Your Soul: Listening to Yourself, Affirming Your Authentic Self, Practicing Forgiveness, Managing Your Inner Critic and Realizing the Power of Intention. Watch for a signup genius coming soon with days and times groups will be meeting and sign up for one that fits in your schedule.
If you would like to know more about Covenant Groups or would be interested in facilitating a group (support and all materials supplied) please contact me: sharry@fccb.net.
There are also a variety of other ways for you to connect (virtually): zoom coffee hour, book clubs, writing groups, adult forums, create and check in, bible study, knitting group and more. If you have questions about a group or have an idea for a new group, please contact me I would love to help you get it started.
Sharry Nyberg
Minister of Christian Formation