Midweek Message, September 21, 2022

Faith Formation


Worship is at the heart of faith formation in our congregation. When we gather to worship, we share the stories and traditions of our people. Some parts of worship are repeated so we can learn them in ways that touch the deepest parts of our being. Some parts of worship are new and innovative in ways that spark our creativity and excite our spirits. And worship is a gathering together that connects us to one another. When we are connected, we sense the presence of the resurrected one in our midst.
Faith formation also occurs in small group gatherings where we get to know one another deeply and experience the interplay of mind upon mind as together we seek justice, love kindness, and walk with God. As we traveled through the seasons of COVID, we experienced disruptions in worship and in our small group gatherings. This fall, we are returning to these essential elements of forming our faith together. Here are some small group opportunities offered this fall.
“Going Deeper” is an exploration of the themes and challenges of worship. This group will meet following worship beginning Sunday, October 2. In person participants will gather in Room 11 at the bottom of the stairs. It is a hybrid group, so there will also be a Zoom link in the Friday announcements.
“Exploring the Lectionary” is a place where Bible study and our everyday lives meet. Beginning with Pastor Sharon’s Monday scripture lesson, we’ll look ahead at the texts for the following Sunday and share how these lessons inform our lives. This group will be an online group, meeting over Zoom and will meet Tuesdays at 9:30 am, starting October 4. 
“Meet Me in the Middle” is a lunchtime gathering on Wednesdays during the noon hour. Participants can bring a sack lunch and meet in person in Room 11 or can join by Zoom from their office or home. We know that different people have different amounts of time at noon, so feel free to join for all or part of our time together. We’ll begin on October 5 with our 2022 all church read, Climate Church, Climate World by Jim Antal. Other topics will include those suggested by participants.
“Adult Forum” will continue as it did throughout the pandemic. We meet from 7:00-8:00 pm on Wednesdays over Zoom. Right now, we are discussing Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe. Folks are welcome to join us for a single session or stick with us every week, whatever your schedule allows.
Covenant Groups agree to meet regularly to discuss life and faith. This fall’s theme is “The Art of Practicing Your Faith.” Groups will discern whether to meet in person, by Zoom or in a hybrid format. These groups have provided meaningful connections for church members and opportunities to get to know one another better. The groups will be formed and start meeting in October
You can find out more about these groups by checking the calendar in the Friday email, by contacting me at
ted@fccb.net, or by simply coming to join a meeting.
Blessings as we grow in our faith together!
Ted Huffman
Interim Minister of Faith Formation