Midweek Message September 23. 2020

Staying Connected

Connection is one of the most significant pieces I’m missing in our church life these days. We don’t get to mingle in the social hall or bump into each other in the hallway after board meetings. Zoom events help a little, but often we do our business and log off (screen time is exhausting in its own ways). On Mondays I’ve been uploading a video scripture reading that you can respond to on Facebook, and Cydne posts opportunities there throughout the week, but not everyone is on social media. David, Sharry, and I offer Zoom and phone visits any time. None of these truly compensates for what we’re missing, yet we all try our best to stay connected with one another.
With that in mind, over the last few months the Communications Board has worked on creating the Full Circle Forum—a place where all of us may check in, share resources, ask for prayers, and just say hello. Once you log in, you can add to the “Coffee Hour Chat” and greet each other; or tell us when you’re doing a poetry reading or theater production under “Save the Date.” You might browse “The Exchange” to see who has a room for rent, look for odd jobs, offer grocery pickup, etc.
Like so many things in this pandemic season, this is an experiment. Please try it and see if the Full Circle Forum might be a place for you to connect more with your First Congregational siblings in Christ. We miss each other and want to know how others are faring. Go to https://fullcircleforum.net/phpbb/, create your user name and password, then play around to see what’s there. It’ll be good to “see” you again!
And thank the Communications Board for their hard work on this.
In faith,
Pastor Sharon