Midweek Message September 9, 2020

A Message from Pastor David

Grace and Peace to you, siblings in faith!  
We've been having some lovely zoom youth group meetings these days.  It's not the same as meeting in person, but we still get to catch up, to goof off, and to talk about important stuff in our lives.  I hope you all are finding some space to connect with others, online or otherwise these days.
On Sunday, I got inspired by Sharon's invitation to rewrite a psalm (in last Sunday's worship!)  and we re-wrote Psalm 23 with the folks at youth group!  We wanted to write a psalm that might sum up some of the hopes and challenges of gathering for this weirdest of all new school years.  
I'm printing our little rewrite of Psalm 23 below, and please know that however you're connected to the new school year that is beginning this week (or whenever it begins for you!) you are in my prayers. Students, may you have opportunities for connection and learning.  Parents and caregivers, may you have opportunities to appreciate the wonder of your students, and kindness for yourself in the midst of the stress.  Staff and faculty, may you find ways to show your care and presence to your students, and may you also be held in your own belovedness by the arms of God.  
The Lord is my educator, I shall not want.
     God makes me a good place to learn
God gives me engaging stuff to learn about
     and space to hang out with my friends
God leads me in the midst of figuring out new technology
 Even though considering beginning school makes me say, “Hey can we not???”
    Courage doesn’t come without fear. 
for you are with me;
    your snacks and your goofyness—
    they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me
    in the midst of a global pandemic.
you give me space to learn and people to learn with.  
-robbie, skyler, elliot, david