Mission & Justice Board on the Environment

One of the three emphases of the Mission & Justice Board is Caring for the Earth as a fundamental part of our faith.  We are exploring (with you, the Congregation) ways to become a more ‘green’ congregation with our affiliation with Seattle based Earth Ministry, and local Bellingham based Multi-faith Network for Climate Justice (MNCJ). Here are a few thoughts and ideas to ponder and maybe implement:

As a Faith Community: As we come back to physically worship together in our sanctuay ... 

What if we decorated our church’s common areas with your artwork or photography that captures Creation Care images by YOU, our members?

Individually or as Households: 

  1. How might we regularly thank God for the gift of Clean Water? (e.g. Say a prayer of thanks while brushing our teeth)
  2. How might we minimize the harmful ways water goes back into the watershed where we live?

Let’s find ways to combat Climate Change in our individual homes and spiritual practices.  Have good ideas to share with other First Congregational Church members?  Send to the Mission & Justice Board.