Music News

Mary Melquist’s beautiful Chickering piano that has lived in our Social Hall has been a blessing in our life together for many years. Mary’s daughter, Tiana, had been seeking the right home for this beloved instrument, and that happened this week.


Tiana shares this note with our congregation:

Mary Melquist arrived in Bellingham in 2010, with two pianos and a harpsichord in tow. It was the first move she had made in over 45 years, motivated by wanting to be closer to her daughter and needing dementia care for her husband. As you may remember, she very quickly found First Congregational Church of Bellingham and made it her musical and spiritual home. She sang in the choir, played piano in services, accompanied musicians, and played for funerals and weddings. But what to do with three large instruments? She kept her upright piano in her apartment, donated the harpsichord her husband had built to the church, and was grateful for being able to keep her beloved Chickering grand piano in the fellowship hall on loan.


With Mary's death in 2016, it is now time for the piano to find a new home, and ring again under the care and touch of a dedicated pianist. Recently this musician appeared; and she is only 13 years olad! As she tested the piano in an empty fellowship hall, playing and singing along, I fought back tears of joy at the thought of how delighted Mary would be to see a young talent play this piano. Thank you to the church for holding these memories of Mary and her music, and for keeping the piano safe and cared for until this transition could happen.   


In Gratitude,