Omicron Surge



Most of us probably know people who are fully vaccinated and boosted and yet are testing positive for COVID-19 right now.   Or you've heard stories of holiday gatherings where everyone worked really hard to be careful, boosted, tested, etc., and yet COVID was shared. Transmission rates are spiking dramatically. And even more seriously, so are hospital admissions, including here in Bellingham.


Here are some things for us all to know:

  • The  omicron variant is crazy contagious and spreading rapidly right now.
  • If you are at all concerned about either transmitting or being exposed to COVID-19, please worship online with us in our "Bigger Balcony" on Facebook Live:
  • If you come to church in person, PLEASE WEAR A REALLY GOOD MASK (KN95, N95, KF94). Most cloth masks are not helpful enough right now. 
  • If you are having ANY cold or flu symptoms, please worship with us online.
  • If anyone in your household, or anyone you have spent time with in the past week, is having any cold or flu symptoms, please worship with us online.
  • If you come to church in person, really truly keep distance from others.
  • Please get a booster if you can, if you haven't yet.
  • Please get vaccinated if you can, if you haven't yet.
  • Please help your kids get vaccinated (5 and up) and boosted (12 and up) when they are eligible.
  • Vaccination and boosters are slowing the spread and helping people avoid the hospital, but people who are vaccinated and boosted are still getting sick right now, including healthcare workers.


Our church COVID Advisory Committee will meet next week on Tuesday January 11.  We'll share more information as soon as it's available. Please keep taking care of yourselves and each other -- we will get through this together.


If you need information on vaccines or getting a vaccine, you can visit our COVID-19 page, or contact our Health Minister Carol or our Faith Community Nurse Alanna.