One Great Hour of Sharing November 13, 2020

When Life Gives You Scraps

RefugeeOne is supported by your generous donations to One Great Hour of Sharing and is supported by Church World Service. Sandra is a Congolese refugee arriving in the US in 2018. ShareShe’s one of more than a dozen refugee women using skills she learned in RefugeeOne’s Sewing Studio to give back to the place they now call home.

Sandra and her husband were recently laid off from their manufacturing jobs due to COVID-19. She says sewing face masks is a good way to keep busy until she can get back to work—she's glad to use her skills and time at home to help others.

So far, Sandra and the other sewers have made 1,000 masks for essential workers and people in need. They are working from home using the brand new sewing machines given to Sewing Stud graduates. The refugees donated the masks to places like The Selfhelp Home retirement community, Connections for the Homeless, and to their local Alderman's office to distribute to those in need.

While refugees like Sandra are making the best of a difficult time by caring for others, there are still worries that they face daily. Hundred of refugees in the program have lost their income and aren’t sure when they’ll return to work. Many are worried about making ends meet.