Photo Library

We miss seeing you!  Help us gather pictures of our times together.

Would you like to help supply pictures to make a library of photos? Arts in Worship has been asked to do some work on gathering pictures which could be used by staff in our Zoom Worship services. People would enjoy seeing newer and older photos of activities around church. Do you have a few pictures of work parties, worship, communion, coffee hour or people breaking ground on the Ground Floor? The photos that are gathered will be sorted by categories and stored on Google Drive on Cydne’s computer in the office.

 We are hoping that you will share photos of Easter Sunrise Service and Christmas worship, of lay people working on our new building and cleaning up the landscaping. Remember the first baptism in our new sanctuary? How about the day that the crane lifted the Bell Tower up onto the church roof?  Please share your pictures of us being together. Pictures with children do require parental permission to be used on Facebook Worship unfortunately.

Depending on how many pictures you have, we can give you instructions on how they are to loaded by category on the church’s Google Drive. Or if you have just a few, we can load them for you.

Email me at with your information. 

Looking forward to seeing us in pictures!