Pilgrim Circle Haiku

At the last meeting of our Pilgrim Circle, they wrote haiku for Thanksgiving. They want to share their efforts with the congregation.

The ladies are here

With pens in their steady hands

To write about love.


The trees celebrate

Red, gold, yellow blaze abound.

Thanksgiving splendor.


We like our turkey.

Dressing is a favorite,

Friends and family.


Thanks for family.

Thanks for parents and our friends

Getting together.


Friends, families, babes, sky;

These things I am grateful for,

But most of all pie.


Golden leaves fall down,

Swirling quietly around

Whispering God’s love.


Now we meet again

Thankful, joyous with mem’ries

Full of love and praise.


It’s a good morning

When the sun’s brightly shining.

It fills me with joy.



I’m thankful for health.

Helping people gives me joy.

My cat gives me joy.


Thanksgiving season

Brings me joy, love, thoughtfulness.

Family memories!


Thanks for crisp fall days,

Joyful youth running through leaves

Giving future hope.


God is almighty!

Our hearts fill with Thanksgiving

Every Autumn.


I give thanks for friends,

People who stand firm with me,

Kind, wise, always there.