Rooted Within

As I write this, we are just days away from the beginning of Lent: the 40-day liturgical season between Ash Wednesday and Easter which represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. For some, Lent is traditionally a time of reflection, prayer and “giving something up,” such as chocolate, caffeine, sweets, Facebook, etc. For others, Lent can be an opportunity to “add something new” such as meditation, a daily devotional, journal, prayer, creative expression. When we set aside intentional time as a spiritual practice, it offers us the opportunity for a spiritual “check-in;” a time of reflecting and connecting with God and seeking to go deeper in our spiritual life. Any practice we choose "giving something up,” or “adding something new” has the ability to enhance our spiritual journey. Our theme this Lent is Rooted in… and for those of you who may wish to add the spiritual practice of creativity as a Lenten practice this year, you are invited to join others on a journey of reflection and transformation on Saturday mornings in Lent through April 13, from 9:30 to 11:30 am. There are different areas for different activities. In the Social Hall there will supplies available to color, draw, paint, collage and write (inspired by UMC minister, artist and author Jan Richardson), create shrines and mandalas or paint rocks. The Fireplace Room will be a quiet space of silence to reflect, journal, read a devotional, listen to music, knit or just be, and the Chapel will be available to meditate, walk the labyrinth, pray and experience the prayer stations. I hope you may choose this Lenten season to join me on this journey!