Solar Panel Installation

First Congregational Church of Bellingham will have a new look—next week  81 solar panels will be installed on the  roof! 


Our congregation has been focusing on climate justice for several years, and committed to the church roof solar panel project at the March 12, 2023 service. Church members and other supporters have raised/pledged almost $90,000 to cover the cost of the project.


The solar panels that Western Solar will install are expected to produce electricity for more than 40 years. They’ll reduce the electricity needed from the local grid, are better for the environment, and will pay for themselves in about ten years by reducing the church’s average monthly electric bill by 50%. First Congregational Church will also receive a 30% rebate on the cost of the install through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).


While installation is taking place, part of the parking lot will not be available because of the installation equipment. Be mindful of this as you plan visits to the church. Also be aware that there will be a planned power outage either August 16 or 17. We'll keep up updated as we have more information.