Stephen Ministry's Call

Stephen Ministry


Our Stephen Ministers have plans to offer new training classes by Zoom, if need be, starting in January.  Throughout the pandemic, we have leaned heavily on both current and past commissioned Stephen Ministers to carry the service when requested by congregants during COVID.  Answering the call, we have served by phone, computer, mail, etc. to create contacts and maintained social distancing and masks across the six feet or more required for meeting outdoors.  Stephen Ministers respond to needs guided by the best love they know of their training.


Sometimes service inspires special response to a need, like a story I know of one caring older woman:  The woman strode purposefully on the sidewalk toward the clothing store entrance when she passed a small boy, barefooted.  He was gazing at the shoes displayed in the window and the people inside trying on styles.  He was shivering a bit in the coolness of the afternoon.  She stopped, “Hello there, do you see something you like?”  “I don’t have shoes,” he wistfully admitted.  “Come with me,” she said, and led him into the store.  “Please bring me six pairs of sox HIS size.”  She urged her small friend to choose a pair of shoes he liked, and at the salesman’s return, to find his size.  With a pair of the new sox and the shoes on him, she went to the counter and paid for them, then walked the child to the door.  He was stunned by what had just happened.  She wished him a safe and happy afternoon.  He told her he had been praying to have shoes someday.  The little face raised to hers, puzzled and asked, “Are you God’s wife?”


Stephen Ministry asks us to give, receive, and learn how God’s love can be skillfully applied.  Since 1993, trained men and women in our congregation have been available to offer caring relationships to those in need of confidential listening.  Whether you can benefit from receiving this personal service, or you are hearing the call to join this ministry and make a difference in someone’s life, please feel free to talk with us!! 


Leaders:  Kathleen McGuiness, Julie Gorrell, Rob Hoyt, Tim Shepherd   (Submitted by Julie Gorrell)