Update from the COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Your COVID-19 Advisory Committee would like to reach out and share. Since July of 2020, we have faithfully met, sometimes as often as weekly, to navigate our building and your fellowship through the challenges COVID-19 has placed on our church community.

As spring rolled in, and our community was able to begin vaccinations, we felt the wave of relief and desire to return to normal you all likely felt. However, as time has demonstrated, our return to in-person events continues to pose difficulties. Your COVID-19 Advisory Committee continues to faithfully meet to address the ongoing questions, concerns and challenges of staff safety, in-person gatherings, and worship.

Over the past year, our discussions have centered around one thing – the health and safety of the staff and all who worship with First Congregational Church of Bellingham. With the ever changing guidelines and recommendations, the Committee has worked to keep up with state, local, and national recommendations and best practices. 

While we all would love to return worshiping, singing, and caring within the walls of the church, we recognize it is crucial for the safety of each other and our staff that we not rush the process. The Delta variant is present and spreading quickly throughout Whatcom County - the number of daily cases has tripled in the last two weeks here, and healthcare providers anticipate the numbers to continue rising again. Coupled with the unknowns which still remain, and the rapidly changing environment, we are tasked with remaining mindful and vigilant to protect everyone. 

We are a congregation composed of many, made up of one and one and one. Our goal is to ensure each one and one and one continue to be protected to the best of First Congregational Church’s ability. We thank the congregation for its patience, and for allowing us to give each question, scenario, and request the proper weight, consideration, and discussion in light of all available science and resources.