What's New with Called to Care?

Our church is now officially a provider of Hospital to Home Transitional Care with the Health Ministries Network (HMN). Our Faith Community Nurses (FCN) have been offering this transitional care for some years, but we are now signed up as the first faith community provider through the HMN. This care is available for our church members and friends who are experiencing a hospitalization and transitioning to either home or a care facility. It provides the experienced service of one of our FCN’s or our Health Minister to help establish a safe and healing recovery environment and prevent a return trip to the hospital.

Our Called to Care team decided to make this official as we continue to offer this to our church family. We received the approval of The Diaconate Board under which we serve. If you are about to have surgery that involves a hospital stay and would like this service, please contact one of our team. Or if you just wish to know more about this care, let us know.

On the first and third Sundays, we have a Health Information Center available in the Narthex. One of our team members is there to answer health questions, give support if you are a caregiver or take your blood pressure.
We are asking you to register for our upcoming Called to Care Luncheon and the viewing of the documentary with the author of Being Mortal on Friday, November 9. You may register on Sunday at the Health Information Center or call the church office. See more info below.

Our Called to Care team meets once a month looking over the health, emotional and spiritual care of our FCCB family members and friends. Currently our team is Kathleen McGuinness, Brenda Nicholson, Jeanne Brotherton, Carol Nicolay, and Deanna Murray.

Our Blessings to you in these challenging times, Pastor Deanna