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  • On February 21, at 11:22 am, students in Bellingham, and across the country, walked out of school in support of the students at Stoneman Douglas High School, who experienced a school shooting the previous week, on February 14, Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday. We reached out to some of our students for their perspective on the walkout and the issue of gun violence.

  • This Lent, we’re contemplating showing up. How does the Divine show up for us in our lives? How do we show up for the Divine?

  • The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool, a walking meditation, a path of prayer. The labyrinth can be a place to take those things we need to work through in our lives. Walking the labyrinth can reduce stress, quiet the mind, open the heart and bring one closer to God. The labyrinth can be a transformational tool, opening us to change in our spirit, in our minds, in our bodies.

  • It’s been a hard year for some of us, and many wonder about the future. We witness physical and spiritual violence happening from the halls of power to our home hallways.

  • Dear Church,
    I am glad to share that our work with the Love & Justice Project is moving forward. I'm going to share responses to a few questions that have come up several times, but please do reach out to
    me if you have other questions! I'm very excited to talk about this project with pretty much anyone who will listen! You can reach me via the church office, or use our dedicated Love & Justice email address: