• Besides the Mission & Justice Board activities and work, there are 13 (yes, I said 13!) ‘Affiliate/Satellite’ Groups working on their individual social justice passions under the umbrella of the Mission & Justice Board. Monday Mission will be highlighting ONE of these Groups over the next 13 weeks. Stay tuned! Get Involved!

  • The newest ‘new’ Ministry funded by Mission & Justice Board and The ‘Theresa Parakh New Ministries Fund’ is the Pet Vaccine Ministry started by First Congregational Church member and ‘One Accord’ soprano, veterinarian Dr. Kris Johnson.

  • As of August 25, the panels are physically installed on the roof and hooked up but not to the grid yet. They look great!

  • The Mission & Justice Board is seeking volunteers for the Dental Van Mission. We need volunteers to help with intake as well as volunteer dentists and dental assistants. 

  • Dear friends, The last three years have taken a toll on many people, organizations, and services in Whatcom County, and the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force is no exception. Some of you may have noticed the limited presence of the Task Force over the last few years. We have been struggling with capacity issues that were beginning to form before COVID-19 hit and were clearly exacerbated by the pandemic.

  • First Congregational Church of Bellingham will have a new look—next week  81 solar panels will be installed on the  roof!