The Full Circle Blog

  • For the rest of the summer, our adult forum will have a modified schedule, meeting just a couple of times per month. Here's the summer schedule.

  • “Sing out (sort of) Loud. Sing out (pretty)Strong” at First Congregational Church this Summer! Yes, Our Summer Glee Club starts Tuesday June 28, at 5:00 pm. It will meet  weekly for eight weeks, through  August 16.

  • First Congregational Church has a full schedule of service for the summer. Please note that we are now including what type of talent is needed and the time commitment to make it easier for you to see where you might serve.

  • We've become aware of some emails scams that appear to come from church members or another familiar email account.

  • During this month, we’ve been inviting members and friends of First Congregational to reflect on their families, their cultures, the communities that raised them.  In conversation with the work that Pastor Sharon is doing on her sabbatical, we want to take a look at our heritage, and reflect on what we need to hold on to, and what we need to reckon with.