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  • Sitting near or under trees is a great place to meditate and appreciate their natural and unique beauty. WWU has a Tree Tour to help you identify and learn more about their unique collection.

  • Family Camp and Camp Together, our two intergenerational camps based at N-Sid-Sen, are coming together to present the first  (and hopefully last!) virtual “Camp Not Camp” -  a week of fun, music, inspiration, stories, and connection for people of all ages.

  • One of the litanies I hear from many of you is the frustration you feel when you see folk not wearing masks in crowded space. It seems like such a simple thing to do for the wellbeing of our community, so it boils within us when we wonder if people can ever actually care for one another as Jesus taught.

  • Remember that all of our events are being held virtually. Believe it or not, this isn’t everything! For more information about these and other groups and activities, contact

  • As a result of the Connecting Survey done by the Membership Board of First Congregational Church Bellingham,  we became more  aware of amazing gifts people are willing to share with others during e times of COVID. Thank you to all who gave suggestions and offered services.

  • As all areas of life in this time of COVID-19, being church and being in community have changed. Here are our recurring events and some small groups you can participate in with us.

  • What do you need?

    Are some of you finally finding a smoother groove in this time? Are some of you creating new routines that work? Or are you discovering that each time you think you are on track to a new “normal” (whatever that means), you once again feel upended, like one of Jesus’ parables?