The Full Circle Blog

  • The first Sunday of each month as part of our church school rotation we worship together in community. Children are invited to sit near the communion table on the floor pillows and chairs (so they are able to see). Other adults and parents are invited to join us as together we experience the rituals of our faith worshiping together.

  • What is 2020 going to bring in our life together as First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ? In 2019 there were expected and unexpected moments; there were planned joys, and there were challenges for which we couldn’t have prepared.

  • We have an exciting opportunity to consider as a congregation. Recently, leaders from Northwest Youth Services let us know that the City of Bellingham was interested in funding a Winter Youth Shelter.

  • Keeping our ministries going is a team effort. These ministries are looking for new team members. Can you help fill a need?

  • Please donate food for a Canoe Journey Family

    More than 100 canoe families will arrive at Lummi Nation for Paddle to Lummi 2019, July 24-28. Lummi Nation will distribute donated food to the canoe families traveling the ancient highways of their ancestors.