A Home For All

Notes from the December 12, 2021 "A Home for All" Stand Up Conversation


In the congregation's words:


Continuing the work of the Membership Board and expanding the ideas of an Extravagant Welcome and knowing what it feels like to come home,

Repeat welcome to all/include and invite to join us in worship and life of the church

Share food as we are doing

Warmth – extend a hand

Share a meal

Play and have fun

Be willing to be vulnerable                

Hospitality and a welcoming spirit

Extravagant welcome

Share from your heart

A loving family

Warm hats for winter


Pets and books

Comfortable chair

Inviting everyone one into the life of the church – all are welcome message

Those with housing insecurity want to give back and contribute to. I would be interesting in partnering with some in the tiny home village to give a workshop about cooking in a tiny home.


Investigating strategies to increase housing for all

How can we more effectively create space in single family neighborhoods- accessory dwelling units, mother-in-law apartments?

Change zoning – remove single family zoning to make possible to build duplexes, triplexes, and other affordable multi-family units in all neighborhoods.  (See Minn. And state of California) 

In the Community:

Support tiny house dwellings that can also connect people with services

Make public housing more available as well as subsidizing rent for low income folks

Support Tiny Homes that connect people to services

Seeking partnerships with others to change the housing system especially zoning laws.

Connect with the Opportunity Council (Terri Bryant). Find out about what they do and how we can support their work.

Systemic – Collaboration between government and nonprofits