Totem Pole Journey Photos

Here are a few photos taken at the recent ceremony for the Red Road to DC Totem Pole journey. It was a deeply moving event, as many of you who attended already know. The theme of the day was love - love our precious earth, listen to and respect each other, learn from one another, and save our earth for future generations. These are the values and messages the Lummi Nation is sending to Washington DC with their beautiful gift of this Totem Pole. It was a deeply moving day.

The totem pole itself. Jewell James gave a rousing speech about the symbolic and spiritual meanings of each figure represented on the pole.

Multifaith Network for Climate Justice's Jillian Froebe and Red Cedar Lodge's Nomon Tim Burnett were among the faith leaders who led us in a blessing of the totem pole and journey.

Many spiritual leaders led us in Blessing the Totem Pole,

Deb Cruz, who organized this day. She did a magnificent job.

Photos & text courtesy of the Multifaith Network for Climate Justice.